Online leak sealing solutions

Technician injecting filler to leak sealing training rig


Tailored solutions 

Empowered with dedicated engineering resources, we specialise in developing customised solutions to address your specific requirements. Our team is responsive and available on-call, ensuring a prompt, secure, and efficient service that minimises costs and downtime while preserving the integrity of your assets. 


Mechanical clamp repairs 

We offer engineered leak sealing clamps and piping enclosures, tailored and produced in-house. Our certified technicians provide a responsive and secure service, ensuring reliable repairs with minimal disruption. 


Leak sealing craft repairs 

Addressing leaks in pressure system components (flanges, valve glands, vessels, pipework, and fittings), our skilled technicians work seamlessly while your plant operates at normal pressures and temperatures. Our versatile compounds and techniques cover a wide range of substances, including steam, water, air, hydrocarbons, gases, chemicals, and acids. 


Training rig for method simulation & demonstration 

Enhance your team’s skills with practical online leak sealing appreciation training and awareness sessions at our Carnforth facility. Equipped with a comprehensive leak sealing training rig, we offer hands-on experience to personnel involved in commissioning and authorising the use of our services. 

Key benefits

  • 24hr Response: We’re ready to respond around the clock. 
  • FEA Analysis: Utilising Finite Element Analysis for complex geometries.
  • Minimised Shutdowns: Keep unplanned shutdowns to a minimum. 
  • Cutting-edge Technologies: Employing advanced technologies to meet diverse operational requirements. 
  • End-to-End Solutions: Our in-house design and manufacturing ensure a bespoke solution tailored to your needs. 
  • Training Courses: Take advantage of leak sealing training courses for comprehensive knowledge and skill development. 
  • Choose our online leak sealing services for a reliable, efficient, and customer-centric solution.