Our drive to be better today, for a better tomorrow.

We embed sustainability into our core strategy and business operations, and are ever conscious of the impact we have on our employees, customers, and communities where we operate. We are committed to enabling a low-carbon future through our specialised services and technological innovation. We embed sustainability in our safe, efficient, and innovative solutions for industries including defence, process industries, oil and gas, power, renewables, and utilities and infrastructure. 


ESG Objectives

Facing the climate challenge, we have embedded sustainability into our core strategy and operations and consider our impact on employees, customers, and communities. As we venture into renewable energy, our ESG performance will become core to what we do. 

Our ESG objectives are to: 

  • Educate ourselves and our stakeholders on ESG in order to define and deliver ICR’s ESG goals
  • Increase our contribution to the communities where we work
  • Support technical advancements in our products to service the clean energy market
  • Introduce sustainability initiatives to reduce ICR’s carbon footprint