Integrity monitoring solutions


We are your trusted partner in ensuring the integrity and performance of your assets. Our cost-effective integrity monitoring solutions are designed to efficiently assess corrosion risk across new, mature, and aging assets. From initial review and design to managed services, commissioning, risk-based inspection (RBI) support and data management, our integrated approach adds value at every stage, providing unique solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our industry-leading corrosion monitoring specialists leverage cutting-edge technology and expertise to support all integrity monitoring challenges, optimising the performance of critical systems and ensuring safe operations.


Our comprehensive capabilities cover a wide spectrum of services in the field of corrosion monitoring and integrity management. With services comprising intrusive and non-intrusive monitoring solutions, and strategic planning to managed integrity monitoring services, we offer online and offline corrosion probe and coupon surveys for mechanical and hydraulic systems. Our expertise extends to project management and coordination, including the design, commissioning, installation, and maintenance of specialised corrosion monitoring systems.

We provide in-depth weight loss coupon analysis and probe data analysis for all probe systems available in the market. Our capabilities also encompass audits of microbiologically induced corrosion in oil and gas process systems, with the implementation of effective strategies. Additionally, we conduct sessile and planktonic sampling using MPN and molecular techniques, dissolved oxygen surveys, optimisation, and assessments of oxygen scavenger effectiveness. We excel in chemical trials and third-party verification of chemical performance, offering tailored corrosion monitoring solutions.


  • Streamlined operations: enjoy the benefits of an integrated, fully managed service that simplifies processes and reduces the need for in-house management.
  • Unbiased expertise: gain non-biased solutions from an independent provider, ensuring objective recommendations that prioritise your unique needs.
  • Efficient resource utilisation: benefit from multi-skilled engineering teams that optimise manpower offshore, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Cost-effective data management: experience maximised data acquisition at a reduced cost, allowing you to make informed decisions without breaking the budget.
  • Enhanced quality and logistics: receive a consolidated service for higher quality and reduced logistics handling, streamlining workflows for improved outcomes.
  • Comprehensive reporting: access combined reports and data acquisition, presented and managed effectively, providing clear insights and facilitating decision-making.