Technowrap Standard Geometry 2K Training

Training Objectives

The purpose of this training course is to provide external, thirdparty personnel with the basic knowledge to apply Technowrap composite wrap repairs, as per ICR’s standards. This course is intended as a starting point on which to increase competency levels, it is not intended to provide full competency to install all Technowrap products in all scenarios and additional training and supervision may be required. On completion, delegates will be certified to apply Technowrap 2K composite wrap repairs utilizing either Low Temperature, or High Ambient resin systems (depending on client requirement for training) on straight, bend and tee pipe geometries.


1. Discuss the different types of composite repairs and use on different geometries.

2. Learn the basic engineering design principles of ISO 24817 of which Technowrap composite wrap repairs are designed upon.

3. Understand the importance of surface preparation and repair application.

4. Understand the environmental conditions that must be adhered to during repair application.

5. Complete mandatory QA/QC checks to be completed after installation of a Technowrap composite wrap repairs


Assessment of this training will include both practical and theoretical elements. Throughout this training, delegates will be required to complete an example Technowrap repair on two through-wall defect spools, on a 6” straight and tee geometry, under supervision. These will later be pressure tested for assessment. This training will also inc


There are no mandatory pre-requisites for this training. However, a basic understanding of corrosion, surface preparation techniques (e.g ST3 and SA2.5), and coatings is desirable. 

Expiration & Revalidation

Trained applicators will receive a 12-month valid certificate and logbook. In order to extend certification validity beyond the initial 12-months, applicators will be required to complete 10 engineered repairs within the 12-month period, with close out documents provided to ICR to confirm competency. Certification can be extended for up to 3 x12-month periods, after which a renewal course of this Technowrap training will be required. For delegates who do not complete the 10 engineered repairs within the 12-month period, refresher training will be required prior to completing any further installations. 

Additional Training

Please note, whilst not included within this training, should any of the below be required ICR can offer additional/bespoke training, upon request:

• Applications on flange or nozzle geometries.

• Structural applications.

• Applications with use of Technowrap SRS carbon-fibre cloth.

• Applications with use of Technowrap HT, Splashzone, Glycol, or DRS resin.

• Applications with the use of any leak diversion or leak sealing technologies.