Specialist onsite machining & controlled bolting

Overhead machine in workshop


Our state-of-the-art equipment, innovative engineering solutions, and technical expertise offers you specialised onsite machining and controlled bolting services. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our ability to deliver high-precision machining solutions and leak-free controlled bolting services across diverse industry sectors. 

Onsite machining

Our onsite machining services provide cost-effective solutions when transporting component parts to a conventional machining facility is impractical. With in-house machine design, development, and manufacturing capabilities, coupled with cutting-edge equipment and technical expertise, we ensure a high standard of work. Our skilled technicians execute onsite machining to workshop tolerances and surface finishes, meeting clients’ specific mechanical requirements. 

Controlled bolting

We offer a comprehensive range of tools along with highly experienced personnel capable of performing site surveys and recommending tailored solutions. With a proven track record of leak-free shutdowns and start-ups, our project management team supports site activities and all controlled bolting services. Our Flange Management processes ensure clarity, conciseness, and safe operational practices, combined with over 20 years of experience, making us your trusted partner for all bolting requirements. 

Onsite machining and flange management solutions

ICR’s machining and bolting division brings extensive experience supporting a wide range of industrial sectors. With our in-house engineering team, we provide standard or bespoke engineered solutions. Capable of delivering onsite solutions, we strive to get it right the first time, even in challenging working environments. Our large team of skilled technicians is ready to mobilise for onshore and offshore operations, including sites with enhanced security clearance requirements. 

Site machining capabilities

  • Pipe cutting and weld prepping up to 100” diameter 
  • Weld excavations on piping systems 
  • Flange facing, internal and external mount machines up to 5m Ø
  • Drilling and trepanning 
  • Line boring from 1” to 118” diameter 
  • Milling equipment, portable milling rails, and three-axis travel equipment for bespoke applications 

Flange management support

  • Technician and supervisor support for planned and unplanned events 
  • Manual bolting equipment 
  • Hydraulic torqueing equipment 
  • Hydraulic tensioning equipment 
  • Flange spreading equipment

Common areas we work in

  • Offshore installations 
  • Oil refineries 
  • Petrochemical plants 
  • Ship and submarine build and repair 
  • Nuclear power generation 
  • Fossil fuel power stations 
  • Gas-fired power stations 

Common scopes we complete

  • Tight tolerance gas turbine modifications 
  • Machining applications on nuclear submarines 
  • Cutting and weld prepping of heavy-wall piping on power stations 
  • Drilling out of damaged studs in valve bodies and re-tapping of holes 
  • Milling of motor pump beds 
  • Line boring of gearboxes, pad eyes, and link plates on cranes 
  • Slot machining and keyway cutting 
  • Journal turning 
  • Large diameter pin drilling 
  • Large diameter crane pedestal machining (up to 5m Ø) Bespoke one-off machining scopes 
  • Multi-technician outage bolting and machining events