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We develop and deliver better ways to inspect, repair and maintain assets and critical infrastructure.

At ICR Group, we’re driven by a singular vision: to revolutionise the way assets and critical infrastructure are repaired, inspected, preserved and maintained.

Our team, fuelled by passion and expertise, embraces advanced technology to redefine engineering.

As we do so, we’re not just meeting the needs of today but forging a more sustainable future: reducing emissions is central to every project we undertake.

We specialise in preserving vital, yet often aging, infrastructure across multiple industries — from oil & gas to renewable energy, defence, nuclear and telecommunications.

Our dedication to innovation and excellence is unwavering. We’re constantly pushing boundaries to enhance safety, reliability and efficiency. Not just maintaining the status quo, but elevating it through a technology-led approach.

Wherever you operate, we’re positioned to deliver advanced solutions that save time and can also significantly cut costs. We pride ourselves on being a trusted name among industry leaders, offering solutions that prevent shutdowns and negate the need for costly steel replacement.

Discover the difference that ingenuity can make. Explore our world of innovative engineering and see how we can transform your challenges into opportunities.

Watch our corporate video to learn more about our journey towards Integrity Through Ingenuity.