OMNI is a digital asset integrity management solution, which enables companies to plan, manage, and optimise their asset integrity management programmes. Covering the full lifecycle from risk-based inspection (RBI) through to repair, its system-wide automation, tracking, and collaboration features help build cohesion across assets and throughout the entire organisation.

What OMNI™ can assess

Risk Based Assessment 

  • Quantitative, semi-quantitative, and qualitative assessments 
  • Automatic screening for damage mechanisms 
  • Inspection work packs built from assessment results 


Inspection Management 

  • Visual, NDT, and Monitoring methods 
  • Customisable inspection templates 
  • Offline data capture 
  • Automated anomaly detection and classification 


Defect & Repair Management 

  • Assess anomalies and plan remediations
  • Fitness For Service support
  • Define and track repairs 
  • Schedule re-inspection of repairs 

Key Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Integrity Management 

OMNI™ provides a holistic solution for integrity management, seamlessly handling diverse data formats and facilitating real-time defect detection. 

The platform’s ability to capture, compare, and close out anomalies ensures a comprehensive approach to asset integrity. 


Enhanced Operational Safety and Reliability 

By leveraging OMNI’s capabilities, our clients can experience positive improvements in operational safety and reliability. The unified platform streamlines processes, making it easier to manage and address integrity and inspection challenges. 


Innovative Workflow Management 

OMNI™ introduces innovative features such as process automation, tracking, and online collaboration, allowing organisations to communicate and manage workflows more effectively. 

These features contribute to better safety practices, operational risk management, and compliance with legislative standards. 


Driving Net-Zero Initiatives 

OMNI™ supports organisations in their journey towards a net-zero future by seamlessly connecting with advanced technologies. The platform enables reduced site visits while leveraging data to enhance efficiency, control, and visibility, contributing to sustainability goals. 


Technological Integration for Efficiency 

OMNI™ allows organisations to connect with the latest advancements in technology, optimising processes and reducing the need for physical site visits. The platform empowers users to harness their data for increased efficiency and visibility, staying at the forefront of technological advancements in integrity management. 


From single to multi-asset projects, OMNI™ is scalable and configurable to support the integrity management lifecycle.