Precision alignment in shipbuilding 

A shipbuilding company discovered that their pedestal crane flange was not level, coupled with a misalignment of bolt holes in the mating flange due to a different pitch circle diameter (PCD). This misalignment was causing significant delays in crucial shipyard operations and required a swift and efficient solution. 

To address the misalignment issues of the pedestal crane flange, we devised a two-fold solution. Initially, the team utilised a portable flange facer to machine the surface, ensuring it adhered to the customer’s specifications. Subsequently, we designed and manufactured a customised jig plate. This plate is located precisely in the original misaligned bolt holes, enabling our team to re-drill new holes to the correct PCD, aligning the mating flanges accurately. The process required a rapid response to establish a methodology that would correct the PCD misalignment and guarantee precise results. 

The implementation of a portable flange facer enabled our team to precision-machine the pedestal crane flange, meeting exact customer specifications. Additionally, the utilisation of a meticulously designed jig plate streamlined the re-drilling of bolt holes to the correct PCD, guaranteeing precise alignment between mating flanges. This prompt intervention, coupled with our precision methodologies, averted the necessity of cutting off and replacing the flange. Not only did this save considerable time, but it also resulted in substantial cost savings for our client, showcasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our approach. 

This case study exemplifies our expertise in providing innovative and efficient solutions for precision alignment challenges in shipbuilding, ultimately minimising disruptions, reducing costs, and ensuring the timely progression of critical shipyard activities.