Flange management and machining support 

April 2020Major Oil Refinery North West England 

We were contracted at short notice to provide a large flange management team to support an emergent outage on a major UK refinery. ICR were required to supply fourteen bolting teams, all required equipment and an embedded management team for a six week planning, preparation and mechanical window. This was required to be on site seven days after call off to begin work. A full flange management package was requested by the customer to cover bolt ranges 7/8” up to 2 1/4” in a wide variety of joint sizes up to 120”. These scopes included a number of ‘special non standard joints’. Each job had individual job pack with required information to cover breakout and box-up with a suitable tagging operation. 


Within five days we had sourced and mobilised all required manpower and equipment. Management were embedded into site and work packs were populated ready for day one of isolation operations. ICR supervision ensured that teams coming to site were brought on prior to work commencing to enable familiarisation of plant and scopes. All equipment was sited at key scopes to further increase efficiency once mechanical day one was started.

Results & Benefits
  • Multi-skilled technicians supplied enabling reactive machining scopes to be completed at site 
  • Mobilisation at short notice of 16 additional machinists and equipment to site within one day of call off for a critical path emergent scope holding up the rebuild programme. 
  • The scope was completed safely and ahead of schedule, working closely with the site’s contracted welding team. 
  • We worked to the client’s required staggered shift requirements ensuring true 24hour coverage on critical path scopes. 
  • Where required, our technicians worked alongside fitting teams to further assist in the shutdown programme. 
  • The whole outage was completed safely, incident free and with a leak free start up.