Gas detection survey

January 2020Global OperatorUK Onshore Gas Terminal

Our client wanted to improve their strategy and planning for detecting and repairing hydrocarbon releases across their gas terminal. Previous surveys had been intermittent with minimal traceability with regards to current releases and repaired releases. 


We proposed quarterly visits to the terminal where all areas would be surveyed by the ICR technician using an FLIR GF320 camera and Inficon Irwin methane detector. Each hydrocarbon release found with the camera would be recorded and tagged, the LEL and Methane quantification (in PPM or %) also noted in order to gauge severity of the release. This is reported to the client in spreadsheet format along with highlighted P&ID’s and video footage. 

Results & Benefits
  • Using the report the client is able to repair the hydrocarbon releases in order of severity and work through the list. 
  • During the next quarterly visit ICR would conduct another full survey including all the historical hydrocarbon releases. 
  • The releases repaired would be removed from the spreadsheet and any new releases found would be added. 
  • Again all this would be reported to the client. The hydrocarbon release spreadsheet would effectively become a live document for the client to access and would be updated quarterly by ICR. 
  • Routine surveys like this can offer significant safety and cost saving benefits long term.