Complex geometry valve enclosure on 36” NB pipe 

September 2022North Sea Transmission LineUK

There was potential for a through wall defect on a buried 2” NB valve coming off a 36” NB main import line. With excavation unable to take place prior to delivery of a mechanical clamp solution, the design had to cater for multiple potential valve orientations.


The mechanical clamp was designed to encapsulate the valve using a saddle and strongback assembly. The multi-part design enabled the clamp to enclose the valve, regardless of what position it was found to be in once excavated. 5-axis machined seal grooves were provided to ensure a reliable seal against the main 36” NB pipe, whilst keeping the size and weight of the solution as low as possible. 

Design fully pressure tested in-house prior to shipping to client. 

Results & Benefits
  • Tested and verified clamp solution delivered to site in time for excavation date. 
  • Client had confidence a solution was on-site if required during excavation.