1 February | 2024

Operation’s key role in success of ICR Group

ICR’s Carnforth operation is on course to increase its contribution to the overall turnover figure of the company this year.

The hub is the group’s base for on-site machining, hydraulic bolt tensioning, leak sealing, Quickflange and Technowrap.

ICR has invested in new equipment and training at Carnforth, where additional technical and sales staff have been added. The team at the base has risen from 42 to 60 in the past year.

Carnforth’s status within ICR has been further underpinned after the group secured a four-year extension to a major contract for specialist onsite machining projects at a large engineering facility in the North-west. Work has also been secured in the energy, nuclear, government and defence sectors, across projects including flange management, controlled bolting, machining, leak sealing and composite repairs.

Darryl Dixon, General Manager of ICR at Carnforth, said: “We have a clear vision of our mission, which in turn cascades outwards so our customers know what it is ICR stands for and what we will deliver: right first time, innovation, safety and reliability.

“Our ongoing success reflects a genuine team effort at our Carnforth base, alongside collaboration with wider ICR operations and the support of senior management. We’ve invested significantly in facilities, equipment and people to ensure that knowledge and training from our existing technicians is shared across our wider pool of new talent.

“We already have exceptional subject matter experts, from design engineers to product-specific technical authorities, and our on-site technicians do great work every day in delivering our products and services on behalf of clients. Our goal now is to capitalise on all those resources, capabilities, and experience to realise further growth – not least in new markets such as renewables.”