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8 March | 2024

Technowrap™ – the innovative composite repair solution

OGV Energy magazine put the spotlight on Technowrap™ – a remarkable ICR product used worldwide by clients.

ICR Group continues to redefine asset integrity with its revolutionary Technowrap™ product.

This repair solution is specifically designed to significantly enhance operational efficiency and sustainability, while minimising downtime and environmental impacts.

By harnessing the strength of glass or carbon fibre stitched cloths paired with two-part epoxy resins, Technowrap™ rehabilitates damaged pipework, pipelines and structural components across various scenarios.

ICR’s comprehensive in-house approach encompasses engineering, material provision, technician training and installation, ensuring quality and reliability.

The versatility of Technowrap™ is evident in its broad range of applications, from pressurised systems and pipelines to structural repairs of tanks, vessels, caissons, risers and even underwater environments. It offers a cost-effective alternative to steel replacement, enabling repairs to be conducted without the need for operational shutdowns.

Repairs can last for up to 20 years. Moreover, Technowrap™ can contribute to environmental sustainability by offering a 66% reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional replacement methods.

Ewan Robertson, Global Composite Repair Director at ICR, said: “Technowrap™ is the ideal product for assets to keep in their toolbox to cover a myriad of maintenance and repair applications for pipework and infrastructure. This technique has now had a 30-year track record in the industry and can provide further advantages from a sustainability and efficiency perspective.

The ICR portfolio also boasts INSONO™, an innovative non-destructive testing (NDT) technique for inspecting engineered composite repairs.

Furthermore, ICR’s online leak sealing solutions provide tailored, in-house engineered clamps and repairs designed to tackle specific leaks in operational systems.

Quickflange™ offers another remarkable solution within ICR’s arsenal, delivering weldless, high-performance flange-to-pipe connections that improve pipeline integrity and flow assurance. This is a permanent, efficient repair option, yielding up to 80% time savings and a 57% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional welding methods.

ICR’s machining and bolting capability brings extensive experience to a wide range of industrial sectors. Meanwhile, the firm’s drone division, Sky-Futures, delivers inspection reports and supported an operator by measuring methane emissions at four platforms in the North Sea.

This article first appeared in OGV Energy magazine’s asset integrity issue.

Ewan Robertson, Global Composite Repair Director at ICR