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11 April | 2024

Structural component rehabilitation using composite repairs

Client Challenge

Structural components (including I-beams, CHS sections, roofs, panels, members, struts) can suffer both corrosion resulting in material loss. This material loss can be severe such that the component is no longer fit for service.

What We Did

The design challenge for a structural component repair is to ensure sufficient strength or stiffness within the composite repair to withstand the applied loads, either in-plane or bending and also whether those loads are tensile or compressive. A design methodology for the repair of structural components has been developed by ICR TechnowrapTM (based on ISO 24817) that ensures both repair strength and stiffness. It is possible to design the repair either with or without allowance for the remaining strength or stiffness of the structural component.


The installation of a composite repair on a structural component is comparable to in procedure to that of pipework. The main difference is the mean of compression used during curing of the repair.


The repairs have either been designed to withstand the applied loads or return the component back to its original strength with a warranted design lifetime from between 5 and 20 years.