Streamlining industry solutions: ICR’s Quickflange™ success story for a leading Canadian steel manufacturer

Date: August 2023 

Client: Leading Canadian Steel Manufacturer

Location: Canada

Client challenge

A leading Canadian steel manufacturer was faced with a critical challenge where they needed to demonstrate their ability to efficiently serve a variety of industries while also addressing two main concerns—timeframe and hot working. Specifically, the client had a pressing issue with faulty pipework that required immediate attention. They required a reliable solution that could not only meet their stringent timeframe requirements but also eliminate the need for hot working, and minimise safety risks and costs.

What we did

In response to our client’s challenge, we provided a comprehensive and efficient solution to showcase our capabilities and expertise with the following:

  • Quickflange tool deployment: To minimize lead times and shipping costs, we utilized our hub in Houston to deploy our specialized 3” STD Quickflange tool. This tool was essential for creating gas-tight connections without the need for hot working.
  • Custom spool fabrication: Working closely with our client, we designed and fabricated a bespoke spool to replace the faulty pipework. This spool was engineered to seamlessly integrate with the existing pipeline infrastructure.
  • Onsite expertise: We ensured that trained personnel were available onsite to oversee the installation process, guaranteeing that the replacement spool and Quickflanges were securely and efficiently connected.
  • Gas tight connection: Following the installation, we utilized our 3” STD Quickflanges to create a gas-tight connection, ensuring the integrity of the entire pipeline system. Our Quickflanges not only eliminated the need for hot working but also offered a reliable and efficient solution.

We delivered a timely resolution by leveraging our  global footprint and deploying resources from the Americas hub, meeting the client’s stringent timeframe requirements and minimizing downtime, ultimately saving them valuable time and money. Furthermore, our Quickflange solution eliminated the need for hot working, enhancing safety and reducing associated costs. The successful activation of the Quickflange tooling and the seamless integration of a bespoke spool was effective and underscored our ability to provide trusted solutions across diverse industries.

This project also served as a showcase of our extensive global footprint, demonstrating our commitment to offering reliable solutions worldwide while serving Canada efficiently from the Americas hub.

Our Quickflange solution not only addressed our client’s immediate challenges, but also demonstrated our capability to serve diverse industries efficiently. This case serves as a strong example of our commitment to providing innovative solutions while minimizing lead times and costs, ultimately ensuring client satisfaction and industry trust.