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8 July | 2024

ICR Group: Building our business in the Middle East

The Middle East offers significant opportunities for innovation-driven companies like ICR Group, making it central to our growth strategy due to rising demand for our products and services.

We have completed numerous high-value projects in the region, including the UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait, strengthening our presence through formal partnerships and upcoming collaboration agreements.

The ADIPEC Exhibition has been instrumental in accelerating our market development, providing a platform to highlight our solutions and engage with potential clients.

Our technology- driven products, such as the composite repair technology Technowrap, the INSONO non-destructive testing (NDT) technique, and the Quickflange weldless connectors, have proven effective in the region, supporting clients’ infrastructure integrity and net-zero goals.

  • In Kuwait, Technowrap 2K repaired a live 30” crude oil pipeline without downtime, surpassing a previous ineffective clamp-based method.
  • In Oman, Technowrap 2K restored a 36” pipeline header system suffering from internal erosion and corrosion, ensuring leak-sealing and strength restoration. A significant defect in a 48” crude oil pipeline was repaired using Technowrap 2K, executed by trained air divers within 10 days, resulting in substantial cost savings and minimal production disruption.
  • In Qatar, Technowrap 2K was trialled as a corrosion protection system on subsea pipelines, demonstrating time and cost savings and an extended service life.
  • In Oman, Quickflange technology provided weldless connections for several tie-in points, with over 20 connectors installed ahead of schedule, yielding cost savings, and eliminating hot work.

These successful solutions have led to long-term agreements with operators in the Middle East. Continued collaboration with our partner network will further build our reputation and support ongoing growth in the region.