Upgrading GRP pipework system in the North Sea

A North Sea platform faced a challenge requiring the upgrade of their GRP pipework sea water system. The project involved the replacement and installation of multiple GRP pipe spools, each with varying design conditions, including pressures up to 16 bar and temperatures up to 93ºC. In addition, our client required a 20-year lifetime design.

Our team carried out a comprehensive scope of work which included providing the necessary materials and deploying trained personnel for the fabrication and installation of the GRP pipework. Recognising the unique challenges posed by the project, we organised a specialised team capable of working on-site to fabricate and bond the pipe spools with minimal disruption to the platform.
The planning, fabrication, and installation phases were executed seamlessly, thanks to daily coordination and a dedicated team committed to meeting our client’s expectations.
The GRP pipe spools underwent construction, inspection, and release by a third party at ICR’s premises. Subsequently, the spools were transported offshore and installed by ICR technicians, who performed butt and wrap joints in situ. The establishment of a dedicated team and ongoing communication with the client played pivotal roles in the successful completion of this unique scope.

The project demonstrated remarkable success on multiple fronts. Firstly, the completion of the project without the requirement for hot work stands as a significant achievement, effectively minimising safety risks associated with such activities. Additionally, the implemented solution proved to be not only efficient but also highly cost-effective. Meeting the stringent criteria set by the client, the project successfully attained the 20-year design life requirement, ensuring long-term reliability. The undeniable success of the endeavor has not only met but exceeded client expectations, leading to an increased interest in ICR’s services, as evidenced by additional inquiries for broader scopes of work. This positive outcome underscores the client’s satisfaction and trust in ICR’s capabilities.