Setting a new standard: Technowrap™ 2K for subsea pipeline corrosion protection 

Client: Major Operator 

Location: Qatar 

 Client challenge 

Our global partner in Qatar collaborated with a major oil and gas company to address the challenge of providing effective corrosion protection for subsea pipelines. The goal was to apply Technowrap™ 2K as a corrosion protection system, and the trial installation was initially conducted onshore. Subsequently, the protected pipe lengths were transported offshore using a pipe lay barge and installed on the seabed. 

What we did 

The project covered a range of pipe diameters, including 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12”. After a successful trial, this process was extended to a subsea hydrocarbon and gas pipeline spanning 12 kilometers. Prior to the trial, both our client and contractors conducted extensive testing and inspections to ensure the efficacy of the corrosion protection system. The trial itself took 12-14 weeks to complete, with a crew of six Technowrap™ 2K Installers working on a 24-hour, 12-hour rotation to encapsulate the various welds with layers of Technowrap™ 2K composite repair following hydrotesting of the welded pipe sections. 


Our composite repair system demonstrated remarkable success in this application and received approval for corrosion protection applications. In this specific trial, our client requested a longer service life, ranging from 25 to 30 years, exceeding the standard lifetime designs of up to 20 years. Through a meticulously engineered solution, a 25-30 years lifetime could be provided, surpassing the longevity of any other paint and epoxy system available on the market.