Seascape resilience: a holistic approach to rehabilitating corroded coastal jetty piles

Our client, a global mining company based in Western Australia, faced a significant challenge with their coastal jetty piles. The structural steel piles exhibited extensive corrosion which drastically reduced their capacity and rendered the coastal jetty unusable for shipping mined products. In addition, the piles were coated with asbestos-containing material which required safe removal in order for adequate surface preparation for composite repairs. Furthermore, because of the coastal location, this presented significant challenges in terms of negotiating the tides and safely accessing the site.

To effectively address our client’s challenges, we implemented a comprehensive strategy which involved carrying out the following processes:

Safe Asbestos Coating Removal

We prioritised the safe removal of the asbestos-containing coating to ensure a secure environment for subsequent repairs.

Advanced Engineering Calculations

Utilising advanced engineering calculations, we minimised the surface preparation area required for composite repairs, optimising efficiency and reducing risks associated with asbestos exposure.

Rope Access Technicians

Overcoming access challenges posed by the coastal location, we deployed highly skilled rope access technicians working from suspended platforms. This approach ensured precise execution of repairs even in challenging conditions.

Our intervention yielded impressive results for the client by developing an innovative structural pile repair design methodology, specifically tailored to address the challenges posed by corroded piles. By leveraging advanced engineering calculations, we minimised the surface preparation area which reduced the risks associated with asbestos and enhanced overall project efficiency.

Our approach facilitated efficient repairs in areas with complicated geometry, ensuring seamless restoration of structural integrity. Beyond structural rehabilitation, our solution included comprehensive corrosion protection which distinguished it from traditional welded repairs that may remain susceptible to future corrosion. Additionally, our repairs successfully minimised the dead weight on the piles which helps to enhance structural stability and longevity.

In summary, our holistic approach not only addressed immediate structural challenges but also provided a sustainable and robust solution, ensuring the prolonged integrity of the coastal jetty piles.