Sealing solutions for turbine roof integrity

A North Sea platform faced a critical issue with its turbine hall roof, as water ingress was reported due to the corrosion of a previously fitted and edge-welded steel plate. This corrosion allowed water to penetrate, posing a threat to the turbine hall below.

We were tasked with providing a comprehensive solution to seal the roof and prevent further fluid ingress. The scope of our work involved devising an engineered design system utilising Technowrap™ DRS. This encompassed design calculations, selection of materials, and the installation process conducted by our trained personnel. The primary goal was to reinstate the integrity of the turbine hall roof.

Despite challenging weather conditions, successful weatherproofing enabled us to achieve the desired repair properties.

Overcoming the obstacle of turbines running below the repair area with a steel temperature of 65ºC was addressed by implementing a temporary shutdown.

Thorough surface preparation to Sa2.5, including grit blasting, ensured optimal adhesion for the two-layer Technowrap™ DRS repair system. To enhance safety, an orange nonslip paint was applied to the turbine roof post-repair.

The Technowrap™ DRS installation successfully restored the turbine roof’s integrity, ensuring a projected lifetime of 20 years.

The entire scope was delivered without any incidents, meeting and exceeding client expectations.