Safeguarding stability: Technowrap™ DRS repair for a major North Sea operator

Our client, a major North Sea operator, faced a critical issue onboard one of their assets: a plenum chamber floor suffering from severe external corrosion. The corrosion buildup posed a threat of plate failure, with numerous areas developing through holes. Urgent action was needed to address the 36m² area requiring repair and prevent further deterioration.

To tackle this challenge, we implemented an advanced engineered repair system. This comprehensive solution included precise design calculations and the installation of Technowrap™ DRS repair materials. Our skilled personnel, along with the materials, were deployed to reinstate the integrity of the affected floor areas. To mitigate concerns about potential turbine damage from loose grit, a final protective measure involved applying a thick coat of Technowrap™ DRS resin for a complete seal.

The application of Technowrap™ DRS proceeded smoothly, without delays, ensuring a timely repair for our major North Sea operator.

As an additional safety measure, an anti-slip coating was applied across the entire floor area, enhancing workplace safety.

The successful installation of Technowrap™ DRS effectively restored the integrity of the plenum chamber floor, providing long-lasting benefits and preventing further deterioration.