Revitalising accommodation cladding: a composite repair approach

Our team was tasked with addressing the severely corroded outer cladding of an accommodation module, with various areas identified as needing repair. The challenge included the need for both strengthening the cladding and creating a seal to prevent external environmental ingress.

Our scope of work involved the application of a composite repair solution to meet the dual requirements of strengthening and sealing. The chosen design incorporated one layer of Technowrap™ SRS for strength, complemented by a layer of Technocoat for sealing. The application process began with the preparation of the cladding’s outer surface to ST3 standards using grinding discs. The single layer of Technowrap™ SRS was then applied and compressed using rollers, with many repairs conducted off ropes to access various levels and challenging areas. The strategic scheduling of prep work avoided disturbances to personnel, considering specific time constraints, while safety concerns related to high winds and rain during rope access work were diligently managed.

The finalised repair, as seen in figure 3, delivered a durable solution for the severely corroded accommodation cladding, ensuring a design lifetime of 20 years. The strategic incorporation of rope access work led to substantial cost savings by obviating the necessity for extensive scaffolding. Beyond fortifying the overall structural integrity, the implemented solution revitalised water-damaged accommodation, contributing to an augmented Platform On Board (P.O.B) capacity. This not only addressed immediate concerns but also relieved pressure on bed space, exemplifying the successful execution of a comprehensive repair that underscored the efficiency of the approved design and application procedure.