Restoring integrity: tubular brace repair on the Valiant platform

The Valiant platform faced a critical structural issue as a tubular brace on the cellar deck suffered wall loss due to external corrosion, particularly at the intersection with a vertical column member. The integrity of the brace was compromised, necessitating a permanent repair to ensure its stability and functionality.

We undertook a comprehensive scope of work to address the client’s challenge. Our approach involved providing an engineered design calculation for a composite repair capable of withstanding the required loads. Additionally, Technowrap™ trained personnel were deployed to install the engineered repair, utilising the Technowrap™ PRS HP and Technowrap™ SRS composite repair system. The goal was to reinstate the integrity of the affected members.

The repair strategy focused on addressing not only stress levels in the corroded section but also the potential instability of the brace under compressive loads due to reduced stiffness in the corroded area. External factors, such as humidity from GMS Endurance, posed challenges during the repair installation, causing intermittent delays. The design for the 20-year lifetime repair was divided into two parts: Technowrap™ PRS HP applied axially on the diagonal brace and Technowrap Structural™ over the connection between the diagonal brace and the vertical cylindrical member.

Despite challenges posed by high humidity, our technicians efficiently utilised downtime by prepping required materials and, with OIM permission, worked overtime to ensure timely completion. The Technowrap™ composite repair was successfully installed, restoring the integrity of the tubular brace with a design lifetime of 20 years. The repair not only addressed the immediate concerns but also provided long-term structural reliability.