Restoring deck integrity with Technowrap™ DRS

Client: Global Supermajor Operator

Location: Gulf of Mexico

Onboard a supermajor’s platform, a logging support deck plate was identified to be suffering from external corrosion and various through-wall defects. Four distinct areas of the logging plate deck required immediate attention and composite repairs. The challenge was to address the corrosion issues and through-wall defects, ensuring the deck’s integrity and functionality.

Following a thorough engineering assessment, we proposed a comprehensive solution involving the application of four layers of Technowrap™ Structural carbon fiber combined with the DRS resin system over the identified defect areas. The design challenge was twofold – to ensure sufficient strength within the repair to withstand applied loads and to incorporate impact tolerance to withstand potential dropped objects. We developed a unique design methodology using rubber-toughened epoxy, providing the necessary strength, stiffness, and impact tolerance.

The implementation of the Technowrap™ DRS repair solution resulted in successful outcomes and significant benefits:

Smooth application without delays: The application of Technowrap™ DRS proceeded as planned, without any delays. This efficiency minimized downtime and operational disruptions.

Restored deck integrity: The composite repair successfully restored the integrity of the logging support deck plate, addressing external corrosion and through-wall defects. The repaired areas were brought back to their original strength and functionality.

20-year defined lifetime: The engineered solution ensured the deck’s integrity for a defined lifetime of 20 years. This long-term reliability provided the client with assurance and sustainability.

The application of the Technowrap™ DRS repair system not only addressed the immediate challenges posed by external corrosion and through-wall defects but also provided a durable, impact-tolerant solution with a 20-year defined lifetime. This case study highlights the effectiveness of innovative composite repair methodologies in extending the lifespan and functionality of critical infrastructure in offshore environments.