Rapid recovery: catastrophic failure repair in a 56” water export line 

Client challenge 

Our client faced a critical challenge when a catastrophic failure occurred in their 56-inch water export line, resulting in a 1.7-meter-long rupture. Concerns arose regarding the possibility of similar defects within the line were compounded by several critical factors, including: 

Operating the 56” water export line under a high line pressure of 22 bar, heightened safety concerns regarding the potential for injury resulting from a breach. 

The consequential loss of production due to the interruption of the injected water supply. 

The catastrophic rupture’s root cause was identified as seam weld root corrosion, compelling the replacement of the damaged section and the launch of a comprehensive preventative maintenance campaign covering the entire pipeline. 

What we did 

In response to the urgent need for a solution, we provided our client with an engineered design, materials, and skilled labor within a 24-hour timeframe. Our approach focused on designing a seven layer engineered Technowrap™ SRS repair solution specifically aimed at structurally restoring the integrity of the pipework, effectively preventing future seam weld ruptures. 


The rapid implementation of our solution yielded significant results and benefits: 

The quick restoration of the water export line, with it becoming operational only four days after the initial rupture, played a pivotal role in minimising downtime. This achievement not only eliminated the need for costly and time-consuming pipe replacement but also resulted in substantial cost savings. Additionally, our prompt resolution of critical health, safety, and environmental concerns related to the rupture allowed other essential work to continue seamlessly in the area. Moreover, our intervention significantly reduced lost production time, mitigating financial losses, and ensuring the uninterrupted flow of injected water. 

This case study underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering timely and effective solutions to clients grappling with catastrophic failures, thereby facilitating the swift restoration of critical infrastructure and minimizing the associated economic and operational disruptions.