Pipework emergency repair 

July 2021UK Medical Products Supply CompanySouth East England 

On removal of insulation during plant shutdown, severe external corrosion under insulation was found on an approx. 3m length of 2” to 4” diameter water/ethanol pipework between valves and branches. ICR were approached to propose a solution to restore the integrity of the pipework and allow the plant to be rapidly returned to service. The repair design conditions being 2.5barg pressure, ambient/-35°C temperature with 2 year design life.


A Technowrap™ 2K LT engineered composite repair solution was proposed with surface preparation by hand to minimise chance of pipework going through wall. ICR mobilised technicians and material to site. During the repair, additional pipe sections were found to be corroded and repair scope doubled. ICR provided additional materials and technicians with night shift established to enable repairs to be completed to the required schedule. From initial approach to the repairs (including additional scope) being completed and signed off, was just over a week.

Results & Benefits
  • Pipework integrity restored 
  • No through wall penetration during repair 
  • ICR technicians worked day and night to complete the repair with increased scope allowing the plant to return to service in line with schedule