Overcoming chemical injection challenges: optimising dosing efficiency in an IRCD system

Client: Major North Sea Operator

Location: UKCS

Client challenge

We were approached by a North Sea Operator to address a chemical injection problem in an Injection Rate Control Device (IRCD) system. The existing multiple valve system on the panel was ineffective, resulting in inconsistent dosing and potential integrity issues. The operator required a long-term solution to ensure accurate and reliable chemical dosing parameters.

What we did

We devised a comprehensive solution by providing a chemical injection system equipped with multiple air-driven metering pumps. Each injection point was allocated a dedicated pump and calibration gauge, ensuring precise and optimal dosing levels. This design also introduced a control mechanism for the overall system, overcoming the limitations of the previous injection package. To accommodate the available space on the platform, the unit was designed as two compact 12-pump rack frames.


The project was successfully delivered within the agreed timeframe. Following the installation of the new system, the injection issues were resolved, and the corrosion/scale inhibition effectiveness was assured throughout the process facilities. The optimised chemical dosing solution provided greater control, accuracy, and reliability, addressing the operator’s concerns and enhancing the overall efficiency of the IRCD system.