Maximising efficiency: rapid repairs in a filter house during a 4-Day shutdown 

Client challenge 

Our client faced a challenge involving their filter house which had multiple defects, causing water loss and impacting production. To address this issue, a four day shutdown was planned to execute repairs. The primary objectives were to restore the full integrity of the pipework and prevent further water loss, and maximise production efficiency. 

What we did 

During the four day shutdown, we executed a series of fully engineered Technowrap™ 2K rehabilitation system repairs to address the identified defects. These repairs encompassed a variety of diameters (24” and 40”) and geometries (straight, bend, tee-piece), with design parameters including a design pressure of 2.5 bar and a design temperature of 500ºC. The selected resin system was High Ambient 2-part Epoxy Resin, offering a repair lifetime of five years. 


The shutdown proved highly productive and resulted in several key benefits including; 

During the allocated four day timeframe, a total of 15 severe leaks were expertly sealed and repaired, eliminating the need for costly line replacement and providing a highly cost-effective solution. We played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this project by offering comprehensive support, including pre-shutdown site surveys, task-based risk assessments, design calculations, and surface preparations to guarantee the safety and accessibility of all repair areas. 

The execution of the shutdown scope proceeded flawlessly in accordance with the agreed plan and all through-wall defects were effectively sealed using Technowrap™ 2K plates, with repairs skillfully installed to encapsulate the plates for the required minimum length. Rigorous QA/QC checks were diligently completed before station start-up, ensuring the highest standards of quality. Importantly, the entire scope was executed without any incidents, underscoring our unwavering commitment to safety and efficiency. This case study serves as a testament to our remarkable ability to swiftly and effectively address complex repair challenges during critical shutdowns, ultimately enhancing production and minimizing operational disruptions.