Enhancing offshore infrastructure for Dataverse-AIM 

Dataverse-AIM, is a software development and consultancy business that provides asset integrity management software and data validation support services. They faced the challenge of efficiently inspecting an offshore substation at the Thanet Wind Farm, located offshore in Kent. The objective was to conduct a comprehensive visual inspection of the platform while avoiding the logistical complexities and costs associated with helicopter mobilisations. Additionally, there was a need for regular condition monitoring data to aid in planning future maintenance and repair scopes. Simultaneously, the terrestrial cable spanning 12km from the shoreline to the onshore substation required inspection, demanding a method that provided detailed insights without causing disruptions. 

To address Dataverse’s challenges, we conducted an offshore substation inspection from a vessel, eliminating the need for helicopter mobilisations and providing a cost-effective visual assessment. The survey aimed to ensure ongoing condition monitoring and assist in planning future maintenance. As part of the same mobilsation, we performed an onshore survey of the 12km terrestrial cable, utilising both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft to gather comprehensive data. Our approach included leveraging advanced technology, such as photogrammetry, to deliver detailed inspection reports and models of the cables and structures. 

The collaborative initiatives delivered impactful outcomes for Dataverse-AIM. The vessel-based inspection emerged as a cost-effective substitute for helicopter mobilisations, facilitating a thorough visual assessment of the offshore substation. Conducted at regular intervals, the surveys offered Dataverse essential condition monitoring data, empowering proactive planning for upcoming maintenance and repair activities. 

Moreover, the comprehensive inspection of the 12km terrestrial cable, executed using fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, resulted in detailed inspection reports and photogrammetry models, providing Dataverse with a comprehensive understanding of their cables and structures. 

This case study highlights our commitment to innovative and efficient solutions in enhancing offshore infrastructure resilience for Dataverse-AIM. The integration of vessel-based and aerial surveys showcases our ability to provide comprehensive insights while minimising logistical challenges and costs for our clients.