Electric drive pour point depressant injection package 


To supply an electric drive Pour Point Depressant injection package. Injection Rate: 0-1800 litres per hour Duty Process Pressure: 13.8 barg Fluid Viscosity: Up to 600 cP Ambient Temperature: -15 to +30 °C Skid ATEX Classification: Zone 2 IIA T3 Power Requirement: 440V 3ph 50hz Chemical reservoir: Tanker (by others) 

Required Injection Rate: 0-1800 litres per hour 

Duty Process Pressure: 13.8 barg 

Fluid Viscosity: Up to 600 cP 

Ambient Temperature: -15°C to 30°C 

Skid ATEX Classification: Zone 2 IIA T3 

Power Requirement: 440V 3ph 50hz 

Chemical reservoir: Tanker (by others) 

  • ICR proposed SPX Flow Internal Gear Pumps in a duty/standby arrangement c/w variable speed electric motors 
  • Motor speed was locally controlled by a skid-mounted Ex d control panel 
  • Coriolis Flowmeter power supplied via the control panel 
  • On-skid equipment earthing provided along with On-skid cable support system 
  • Package was installed on a painted carbon-steel base frame c/w integral sloping drop tray with drain valve, certified lifting points, sling set and spreader lift beam 
  • Tubing, fittings, valves and components supplied in 316 stainless steel 
  • Discharge manifold fitted with dissimilar check valves for increased reliability 
Results & Benefits 
  • Pumps capable of pumping viscous fluids at the required flowrate 
  • Bespoke control system configured to accept incoming power from client distribution board Overpressure safety built into design with discharge pressure relief valves 
  • Stable discharge flow and pressure through use of pulsation dampeners 
  • Real time flow rates and cumulative flow displayed locally on Coriolis flowmeter