Technowrap: engineered composite repairs for asset life extension and cost savings

Date: January 2023

Client: Enerpro

Location: UKCS

Client challenge

In collaboration with Enerpro Group, a construction service company specialising in the repair and maintenance of Upstream Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, we were tasked with addressing a critical issue. Our expertise was sought to rectify a connection failure on an 8″ GRP Seawater Line for an offshore drilling contractor. 

What we did

Technowrap™ is internationally recognised and all engineering is bespoke and completed in-house, in accordance with the latest issues of ISO 24817 and ASME PCC-2.  In addition, our engineering designs are carried out to current code requirements and are validated by a range of testing. 

Our team implemented a design using Technowrap™ with the following criteria:

  • A 10-year lifetime
  • Pressure of 4.5 bar
  • Temperature of 90°C

It was specifically engineered to withstand the full applied load, considering the defect as a fully circumferential slot with an axial extent of 50mm. To complete the scope of work, we deployed one composite repair supervisor. Before installing the composite repair, we performed a live leak seal on the joint to ensure proper sealing. Once the defect had been sealed, eight layers of Technowrap™ 2K were meticulously applied to the defective area, improving its strength and durability.

  • The seamless installation of a Technowrap™ composite repair not only ensured an extended lifetime of 10 years but also marked the successful completion of the project within the allocated timeframe and budget, prioritising safety at every step. These expert repairs facilitated comprehensive rehabilitation without causing significant operational disruptions, resulting in substantial cost savings compared to a complete replacement. Furthermore, the absence of any hot work requirement significantly mitigated safety risks, further enhancing the overall project safety.