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1 February | 2022

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

ICR has significant experience in the field of composite engineering. This, coupled with our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) offering, means we are able to provide in-depth analysis and insight into a variety of complex loading scenarios for the use of composite repairs in both pipework and structures.

Over the last year Tristan Huet Ceng IoM3, ICR’s Structural FEA Engineer, has been developing the material models to use in performing analysis on complex composite repair scopes e.g structural walkways, high pressure pipes, pipe supports and crane boom rests. ICR are now in a position to offer our clients a comprehensive solution to verify the use of composite repairs in complex loading scenarios.

Click here to access our FAQ,  or get in touch with Shona Mackenzie or Tristan Huet Ceng IoM3 if you are interested in hearing more about our capabilities.