Our Sectors

Our diverse but complimentary portfolio combined with a multi-skilled workforce and industry experts means we deliver cost effective, safe, efficient and innovative solutions to industries including Defence, Process Industries, Oil & Gas, Power, Renewables and Utilities & Infrastructure.


We provide a range of mechanical onsite services and asset management, services to support the Defence sector.

ICR provide a range of mechanical onsite and asset management services to support the defence and navel sectors including fabrication and planned preventive maintenance as well as ad-hoc servicing and repair. Our dedicated team of specialist engineers and technicians hold the required training and competency, site permits and security clearance to work on military bases carrying out challenging work scopes often to extremely tight tolerances.

Process Industries

ICR offer asset integrity management expertise throughout the global Chemical sector. We have a long track record providing integrity assurance to chemical plants in Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America. We fully understand the complete chemical production process and can seamlessly integrate our range of maintenance and integrity solutions to meet specific operational requirements.

Oil & Gas

ICR has been delivering a range of maintenance and integrity solutions to the global Oil & Gas industry, both on and offshore for over 25 years delivering our full portfolio of asset integrity solutions.

We support Major Operators to extend the life of their assets and optimise performance by preserving, repairing and re-instating pipelines and structures. We have honed our experience working in harsh conditions and recognise the industry wide challenges being faced to continuously improve major accident hazard management and improve operational efficiency.


Our operational track record in the global power generation industry stretches 19 years

We support clients by providing specialist maintenance and repair solutions for power plants that are under constant pressure to minimise downtime and maximise productivity. Our highly experienced engineers and technicians support our clients’ technical maintenance programmes, often within tight time frames, resulting in savings on completions time for outages and shorter periods of down time.


We have a proven track record in the offshore renewable energy sector, including experience using our Quickflange™ and Technowrap™ repair technologies at offshore wind substations. Both cold work technologies create zero emissions during installation and bring the benefit of cost and time reduction as well as resulting in less POB to renewables clients. Our drone inspection business unit, Sky-Futures™, has also delivered offshore wind turbine and substation inspections since 2014 within the UK, Belgium and Denmark for major clean energy companies. We have experience working in clean energy industries including on-line leak sealing and specialist on-site machining in biomass with tier one contractors and Sky-Futures™ has completed methane detection surveys on seven European biogas sites together with its partner SeekOps®.

Utilities & Infrastructure

For asset owners and service providers of civil infrastructure such as bridges, ports and transportation infrastructure, Sky-Futures™ works with clients and key partners to help realise the benefits of drone inspection, improved data management and analytics technology. For electricity transmission, distribution and generation clients, Sky-Futures™ provides an image analysis and mission planning platform together with the option of a fully managed service or a solution enabling clients to rapidly build an in-house capability.

We are committed to the future of a low carbon economy through our specialist services and our technological innovation