Sealing success in the North Sea: a composite repair case study

A major energy operator in the Norway North Sea faced a significant issue with excessive corrosion which had led to several through-wall defects in a crucial 14” helideck drain line on their platform. The client sought a solution to repair and seal these defects, with the primary goal being a durable fix lasting at least 20 years.

Our team addressed the challenge by implementing an engineered composite repair using the Technowrap 2K™ resin system. The design of the repair solution adhered to the rigorous standards outlined in ISO 24817.

The application of 8 layers of Technowrap 2K™ successfully restored the integrity of the pipework, ensuring a robust repair that is projected to last for an impressive 20 years.

This solution not only resolved the immediate issue but also provided long-term benefits, showcasing the effectiveness and reliability of our engineered composite repair approach.