Offshore deck revitalization using Technowrap™ 

Our client, an energy operator in the US, faced a significant challenge with the deteriorating condition of an offshore deck, primarily due to exposure to harsh environmental elements. The existing deck structure, originally constructed with bare steel, exhibited signs of wear, necessitating a solution that would not only address the current issues but also ensure long-term durability. The client’s key requirements included achieving a twenty-year life extension, minimizing downtime, eliminating hot works, and enhancing the overall aesthetics and safety of the deck. 

To meet our client’s challenge, we used our Technowrap™ engineered composite repairs solution to provide durable rehabilitation and extended service life. The process involved transforming the deck from bare steel to a fully covered, non-skid surface within days. 

The application of Technowrap™ was meticulously executed to ensure a seamless transition. The innovative system not only addressed the existing wear and tear, but also provided a robust protective layer against future environmental challenges. 

Crucially, the rehabilitation process was completed without any downtime for the operator, and the entire operation was carried out without resorting to hot works, ensuring a safe and efficient execution. 

The implementation of our Technowrap solution produced sustainable results: 

Twenty-year life extension: The deck rehabilitation successfully achieved the client’s objective of a twenty-year life extension, ensuring prolonged structural integrity and functionality. 

Efficient transformation: The transformation from a bare steel deck to a fully covered non-skid surface was accomplished within a few days, minimizing disruption to ongoing operations. 

No downtime or hot works: The rehabilitation process was conducted seamlessly without any operational downtime or the need for hot works, ensuring operator safety and environmental compliance. 

Aesthetically pleasing and weather-resistant: Three years post-rehabilitation, the deck not only retained its structural integrity, but also maintained an appealing appearance, standing up to the challenges posed by the elements. 

This case study highlights the successful application of our engineered composite repair solution, Technowrap™, in addressing complex challenges associated with offshore deck rehabilitation. The project’s positive outcomes underscore the effectiveness of advanced composite solutions in achieving long-term durability, safety, and aesthetic improvements in offshore infrastructure.