Guarding pipeline reliability: rehabilitation of a crude transmission line 

During routine flange maintenance work on a 16” transmission line, our client observed concerning issues with the protective bitumastic wrap. A subsequent inspection revealed the deterioration of the wrap and significant corrosion in the exposed area. Faced with the potential operational and environmental risks, it was essential that this was addressed immediately. 

To mitigate the corrosion risks and extend the life of the affected area, our team implemented an engineered composite wrap solution using WTR 12068. The pipe underwent meticulous preparation to SP 3 standards, ensuring a clean and suitable surface for the application. Eight layers of Technowrap, designed to provide enhanced protection, were applied to the compromised section of the 16” transmission line. 

The decision to opt for an engineered composite wrap aimed to provide a targeted and efficient solution, minimizing downtime and avoiding the need for a complete pipeline replacement. This approach also eliminated the necessity for hot works, ensuring a safer and more environmentally friendly execution. 

The outcomes of our intervention exceeded expectations, offering several key benefits to our client: 

Preservation of the Existing Line: The implementation of the engineered composite wrap successfully preserved the 16” transmission line, eliminating the need for a costly and time-consuming replacement. 

Elimination of Hot Works: The chosen solution avoided the use of hot works, mitigating safety risks and environmental concerns associated with traditional repair methods. 

Life Extension Achieved: The application of the engineered composite wrap, comprising eight layers of Tecnhowrap, provided a targeted five-year life extension to the affected area. This ensured the continued reliability and functionality of the transmission line. 

This case study underscores the effectiveness of strategic interventions in preserving the integrity of crucial infrastructure. By choosing an engineered composite wrap solution tailored to the specific challenges faced by the 16” transmission line, we successfully addressed the client’s concerns while delivering long-term benefits in terms of safety, efficiency, and operational continuity.