Facility rehabilitation – 1” Sch160 fuel gas 

May 2021BPIdku, Egypt, West Nile Delta (WND)

Due to the nature of the application and high risk associated with hot work, Quickflange™ was selected as an alternative cold work solution to carry out a tie-in for a replacement spool in an onshore refinery. 


Following the award of the scope from the client, ICR developed a virtual/online training course to train Seaharvest’s 2 technicians so they could carry out the repair. The client’s maintenance crew cut the pipe at 11am, and by 12 noon Seaharvest technicians had the flange installed. By 3pm the flange and been hydrotested to 50bar, the crew had completed the scope and left the site. 

Results & Benefits
  • Reduced down time 
  • Limited footprint of manpower onsite 
  • Large cost savings compared to the complex requirements that would have been involved with traditional hotwork with the potential for additional manpower, fire watch crews, welding habitats and NDT requirements 
  • 80% time saving