Efficient replacement of critical hydrocarbon gas and utility gas/air lines with Quickflange™ technology

Client: Local EPC

Asset: Offshore platform

Result: Replacement of critical hydrocarbon, utility gas and air lines

Our client faced a critical challenge in designing in the replacement of failing hydrocarbon, utility gas and air lines of various sizes. They also required the supply of a 3” Quickflange to enable the blinding of a line that would no longer be in use. The replacement of these essential lines was time-sensitive, as it required shutdowns to ensure safety and continued operations.

Our approach involved several key steps to address the client’s challenge of replacing the failing lines across 1×2”, 1×3” utility lines, 3x 1.5” lines, 1x 8” and 1×10” hydrocarbon sizes effectively:

3D modelling: We provided 3D modelling to help with the planning and that the cutting, Quickflange™ tooling and test equipment could be effectively utilised within the available space.

Manufacturing of Quickflanges: We manufactured galvanised 2” and 3” Quickflanges for the initial part of the project. For the hydrocarbon lines, we custom-forged Quickflanges and painted them according to operator specifications.

Match boring: All lines required match boring before installation, which we factored in and completed as part of the planning and installation process.

Collaboration: We worked closely with our client to transform plans into quotes, establish timelines, and determine the necessary workforce for the project.

Contingency planning: Recognising the critical nature of the project, we provided contingency tooling and kept additional tools ready in our warehouse for immediate dispatch if required.

Technician support: We supplied two highly trained technicians with expertise in Quickflange™ installation and match boring from our machining division. This allowed for flexible day and night shifts as necessary to meet the time-critical installation requirements.

Minimising downtime: Throughout the project, we took every aspect into consideration to minimise the shutdown period and expedite the resumption of production. Quickflange™ technology was instrumental in achieving a significant reduction in time compared to traditional welding. All cutting, match boring, and installations across the platform were successfully completed in just three days.

Our collaborative approach, advanced Quickflange™ technology, and comprehensive planning resulted in a successful outcome.

The replacement of critical hydrocarbon, utility gas and air lines was completed efficiently, reducing downtime. The project was accomplished in just three days; a 50% reduction in time compared to traditional welding methods. The client achieved their goal of ensuring the safety and reliability of their hydrocarbon, gas and air lines, supporting uninterrupted operations.