Cold work deck refurbishment with Technowrap™

Client: Global operator

Location: Offshore Trinidad & Tobago

In collaboration with local partner H.J. Stauble, our client faced the challenge of providing a cold work solution to refurbish a main deck on an online platform which had multiple areas of corrosion. They required a solution that not only addressed the corrosion issues, but also complied with stringent testing criteria to prove the suitability of the engineered composite repair. The platform’s operational status added an additional layer of complexity to the refurbishment.

In response to our client’s challenge, we conducted a series of comprehensive tests to validate the effectiveness of the engineered composite repair solution. Impact and lateral restraint testing were crucial aspects. A 400 lbs/ft2 weight was dropped from a 1.2m height onto the test laminate, and the same weight was dragged laterally to assess lateral restraint. These tests were repeated 10 times. Among the four composite repair bidders, our deck repair solution emerged as the only one to withstand the full drop and lateral restraint testing without disbondment, leading to the award of the scope of work.

The selected solution involved various design methodologies based on loading requirements provided by the client. This ranged from 2 to 6 layers of our Technowrap™ DRS repair system. Grit blasting was employed for surface preparation, ensuring SA2.5 cleanliness.

The implementation of the Technowrap™ DRS repair system resulted in several positive outcomes:

Restoration of deck integrity: The main deck’s integrity was successfully restored, addressing the multiple areas of corrosion.

Compliance with applied load/pressure: The repaired deck areas complied with an applied load/pressure of 400 lbs/ft2, meeting the client’s stringent requirements.

Enhanced damage tolerance: The inclusion of rubber-toughened nano particles in the DRS resins contributed to increased damage tolerance, ensuring long-term durability.

Engineered design life: All repaired deck areas were designed with an engineered lifespan of 10 years, providing a reliable and sustainable solution.

Timely Installation with No Production Impact: The repairs were installed without delays, and the process had no impact on ongoing production activities.

No heavy lifting or steel components: The cold work solution involved no heavy lifting or the addition of steel components, minimizing logistical complexities.

The successful application of the Technowrap™ DRS repair system not only addressed the corrosion challenges on the main deck but also showcased its resilience through rigorous testing, providing the client with a reliable, durable, and non-disruptive solution.