Carbon Steel 20” Condensate Pipework Repair 

Technowrap™ Engineered Composite Repairs

EDFHeysham 1 Power Station

EDF Carbon Steel 20” Condensate Pipework Repair Water Line (TG2- 20” Condensate Return). The line was suffering from a through wall defect caused by external corrosion.


ICR were requested to provide an engineered repair solution to restore the integrity of the line for a design life of 5 years. This repair is subsequently designed for a through-wall defect.

Results & Benefits
  • Engineering design calculation complete with design sketch, materials and manpower to complete the 15-layer repair using the Technowrap™ 2K cloth with the Technowrap™ LT resin. 
  • No hot work required 
  • Defined life repair of 5 years