3″ Carbon steel hydrocarbon condensate line

January 2021Major O&G Company UAE

As part of a line rerouting project, a safe, reliable and fast cold work solution was required due to the complexities of the hydrocarbon condensate running through the line with 2.5 mole % of H2S (no hot work permitted). ICR were approached for the installation of a 3” 300# Quickflange™ on that line. 

Cold line isolation and cold line cutting were performed successfully in conjunction with a 3rd party contractor and a localised hydro test for the Quickflange™ joint was completed successfully to the client’s specified testing pressure. 

Significant HSE risks were a major consideration due to the line media and ensuring personnel working in the vicinity during project execution remained safe. 


After thorough engineering evaluation ICR confirmed a 3” Sch40 Carbon Steel RF 300# installation could be installed by a specialist weldless connection technician. 

After client approval, a locally based ICR technician and respective equipment was immediately mobilised to site from our local base in UAE to safely install the 3” cold connection. In conjunction with a 3rd party contractor a hydro test was successfully completed post installation. 

Results & Benefits
  • 100% Cold work installation process completed safely in less than 30 minutes by one certified local technician and one simple installation tool for that specific job 
  • ICR were able to react quickly and mobilise the Quickflange™ equipment and the manpower from its local base in UAE 
  • This subsequently allowed the operator to bring operations back on-line in short period 
  • Safety, time, production & cost savings were identified as significant benefits when compared to the conventional method of hot work and welding