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Providing advanced integrity management software solutions

OMNI is a digital asset integrity management solution, which enables companies to plan, manage, and optimise their asset integrity management programmes. Covering the full lifecycle from risk-based inspection (RBI) through to repair, its system-wide automation, tracking, and collaboration features help build cohesion across assets and throughout the entire organisation.

Risk Based Assessment

  • Quantitative, semi-quantitative, and qualitative assessments
  • Automatic screening for damage mechanisms
  • Inspection work packs built from assessment results

Inspection Management

  • Visual, NDT, and Monitoring methods
  • Customisable inspection templates
  • Offline data capture
  • Automated anomaly detection and classification

Defect & Repair Management

  • Assess anomalies and plan remediations
  • Fitness For Service support
  • Define and track repairs
  • Schedule re-inspection of repairs
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Full Lifecycle

Avoid data duplication and inconsistencies by managing the complete end-to-end process in one system
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OMNI’s extensive configuration options allow organisations to set up their business rules and operational processes in the system without programming
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Operational Trackers

The status and progress of all activities are visible at a glance, with configurable warning and alert thresholds for overdue actions
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Customisable Dashboards

Key Performance Indicators and other operational reports are automatically generated and always reflect the latest asset status in OMNI
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Online Collaboration

Integrated communication tools allow users to collaborate and share data with colleagues across locations and time zones without leaving OMNI
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Real-time Notifications

Workflows streamline operations by telling users when they have actions to perform and tracking when tasks are completed
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Sensor Integration

Through the Internet of Things (IoT) interface, OMNI can be updated continuously with real-time process data and sensor readings to ensure that assessments, KPIs, and other operational parameters always reflect the latest asset status
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Maintenance System Integration

OMNI can be linked to maintenance management systems (CMMS) to share work order information and keep the systems in alignment

Drive Efficiency

Advanced technology integrated into OMNI optimises every stage of the integrity lifecycle

Process Automation

Built-in workflows coordinate reviews, approvals, and real-time notifications across modules

Operational Tracker

Intuitive tracking system provides up-to-date visibility of the status of all integrity activities

Real-time Analytics

Customisable dashboard provides live operational insights and KPI monitoring

Communication Hub

Notifications are shared through a common hub, providing visibility and traceability across teams


OMNI works in line with API 580/581 and other industry standards to embed and leverage best practices

Cloud Computing

With no software to install, OMNI can be used anywhere with just an internet connection


OMNI implements OWASP standards to protect data and ensure system availability

We are committed to the future of a low carbon economy through our specialist services and our technological innovation

At ICR we offer high quality engineered solutions with a continuous focus on safety, efficiency and reliability.

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