INSONO™ Composite Inspection

INSONO technician using handheld probe on composite repair
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Innovative NDT technique for the inspection of engineered composite repairs.

INSONO™ can validate the condition and integrity of composite repairs providing operators with assurance in the application and long-term performance. INSONO™ detects defects within three main areas: the composite laminate, the bond line, and the substrate.

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Based on the principles of acoustic inspection method with pitch and catch, resonance and mechanical impedance analysis will detect and size the defects. A scanner will provide 3D models and visual representation of the composite repair, allowing for precise dimensions to be used in the assessment.

INSONO probes and portable VDU


ICR’s manually operated, angled probes are designed to access all geometries and system configurations, detect defects in the composite material, the bond line and the steel substrate and will provide a user friendly automated inspection report.

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The initial launch will focus on our most commonly used repair material Technowrap™ 2K, and the future roadmap will encompass the full Technowrap™ range.

Antonio Caraballo, Inspection and Integrity Management Services Director


Combines multiple technologies to provide clients with an automated, user-friendly visual inspection report / 3D model.

Rigorous Testing

A clearly defined acceptance criteria has been developed, backed up by an extensive test programme.

Environmental Benefits

Allows for the extension of defined life repairs reducing waste whilst avoiding carbon intensive alternatives.


Giving the assurance required by the regulatory bodies within the parameters of industry standards API 579 / ASME PCC2 and ISO 24817.


Validated by the welding institute TWI

Portable Equipment

The portable hand-held equipment and specifically designed probes allow for inspection of all geometries including complex configurations.