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Technowrap™ Reinforcement Materials

Tailored composite solutions to re-instate asset integrity

Technowrap™ reinforcement materials are combined with a Technowrap™ resin to provide a bespoke laminate suited to service conditions of the component requiring repair.

Some of our solutions are listed below: 

2K™ - A fibre glass reinforcement material, suitable for repairing all geometries of pipe work (including tanks and vessels) with various defect sizes and operating conditions.  This is then combined with one of our various resin systems to give the desired properties of the repair, whether it be a resistance to elevated temperatures or the requirement for an accelerated cure at low temperatures.

SRS™ - A quad axial carbon fibre-based system reinforcement material for the strengthening and rehabilitation of structural components, where a stiffer repair is required. It is a wet layup system, conformable to many different geometries, resulting in a quasi-isotropic laminate. Fully engineered design calculations are also produced demonstrating the suitability of the repair system

HP PRS™ - A carbon, high modulus uni-directional reinforcement material used to return hoop stiffness of high pressure or large diameter pipelines (straights and bends)  The properties of this material also make it ideal for the repair of structural members where loadings are acting primarily in one direction, such as the flanges of an I beam.

Core™ - A short-term repair solution, enabling the maintenance of pipe work for up to two years. Glass fibre is pre-impregnated with a polyurethane system and can be stored on-site as a stock item for urgent repair applications at your convenience.

E1™ -  A relatively thick fibre glass reinforcement material.  An external corrosion protection coating developed for protecting pipework. It is also beneficial for use in harsh environments where impact damage tolerance is important such as thrust boring activities.

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