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Oilfield Microbiology

Our in-house team of microbiologists offer comprehensive surveys of offshore systems and have the capability to combine corrosion monitoring service visits with full microbiological surveys.  The analysis of samples from corrosion coupons or probes allows access to sessile microbial populations meaning the growth of biofilms on pipework and in vessels can be monitored.

In conjunction with our partners NCIMB we support our clients with the generation of data to assess the threat of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) in the various systems offshore.  This enables the targeting of appropriate resources to mitigate that threat. In the microbial report, the corrosion and pitting rates from the coupons is presented alongside the microbiological and chemical data.

ICR, in partnership with NCIMB, offer a full range of analyses from Most Probable Number counts (MPNs) to molecular techniques such qPCR and Metagenomics using New Generation Sequencing.  Various chemical analyses can also be carried out as part of the microbiological survey including sulphide, dissolved oxygen, residual nitrite, Volatile Fatty Acids (VFAs) and residual chlorine concentrations.

ICR also offers analysis of routine samples such as pig wax samples, cooling medium and biostuds from bio-sidestream devices.  Our laboratory partners, NCIMB can also accept NORM contaminated coupons, solid and pig wax samples for analysis.

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