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7 November | 2023

ICR Group corporate video signals a bright future

ICR Group has launched a new corporate video showcasing its cutting-edge solutions, expansive global presence and commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.

The two-minute film – ICR: Integrity Through Ingenuity – provides a compelling overview of the company’s capabilities across various industries. Crafted by the award-winning Aberdeen-based video production company, Signal, it puts the spotlight on ICR’s vision and expertise.

Gemma Neal, Head of Marketing & Communications at ICR, said: “The film concisely captures the essence of ICR’s innovative offerings across diverse markets. It forms an integral part of our larger marketing and sales initiatives – all of which are designed to communicate the advantages of partnering with us.”

Achieving 20% growth in its latest financial year, ICR continues to serve the oil and gas sector while diversifying into renewables, telecoms, petrochemicals, nuclear and defence markets. Beyond Aberdeen, ICR’s footprint extends to offices in Carnforth, Hemel Hempstead, and international operations in Stavanger, Abu Dhabi, Houston and Perth, supported by partners in 25 countries. Its portfolio of solutions includes Technowrap, Quickflange, INSONO, and ICR Sky-Futures for aerial inspections.