Seamless Restoration: Efficient Repairs Beneath a Helideck 

Technowrap™ Engineered Composite Repairs

Client: Major Norwegian Operator 

Date: January 2006 

Location: Norwegian North Sea

Client challenge 

Our client faced a critical challenge as various sections of pipework beneath the helideck had suffered severe corrosion, resulting in wall thinning that fell below the maximum allowable thickness. As the pipework was located under the helideck, any repairs had to avoid causing any shutdowns, prompting the choice of an engineered composite composite solution, Technowrap. The project’s scope aimed to deliver an engineered design with a 20-year repair lifetime, along with Technowrap™ trained personnel and Technowrap™ 2K materials to complete the repair. The line’s design temperature was set at 90ºC. 

What we did 

After a thorough review of inspection reports and process operating information, it was determined that an engineered composite solution could restore the line’s integrity while allowing the repairs to proceed without platform downtime or shutdown. Given the challenging location underneath the helideck, access presented a significant issue for our client in terms of both cost and operational impact. To mitigate the need for extensive scaffolding, multi-skilled rope access-trained composite repair technicians were deployed to implement the repairs. Comprehensive risk assessments were conducted to minimise potential risks associated with the work. Achieving excellent adhesion between the pipe work substrate and the Technowrap™ 2K repair was critical, necessitating surface preparation to SA 2.5 standards. 


The project was executed successfully on time and budget, and most importantly, with no incidents or accidents. The mobilisation of rope access technicians for the repairs eliminated the need for extensive scaffolding, resulting in substantial cost savings and no disruption to platform operation. The repair was completed efficiently, with no shutdown or downtime required, and the solution was designed to provide a 20-year lifetime, ensuring long-term integrity for the pipework beneath the helideck. This case study highlights our ability to provide efficient and effective solutions, even in challenging locations, while prioritizing safety and minimizing operational impact.