DRS Deck Repair – Gulf of Mexico 

Technowrap™ Engineered Composite Repairs

2019Global Supermajor OperatorGulf of Mexico

It was advised that a logging support deck plate onboard a supermajors platform was suffering from external corrosion and various through-wall defects. Four areas of the logging plate deck required composite repairs. 


Following an engineering assessment, ICR proposed four layers of Technowrap™ Structural carbon fibre combined with our DRS resin system to be applied over the defect areas. The design challenge for the repair was to ensure enough strength within the repair to withstand the applied load, but also impact tolerance from dropped objects. A design methodology using rubber toughened epoxy has been developed by ICR ensuring both strength and stiffness as well as impact tolerance. 

Results & Benefits
  • The application of the Technowrap™ DRS went as planned and without delays 
  • The integrity of the deck was restored for a 20-year defined lifetime