30” Crude Oil Leaking Clamp 

Technowrap™ Engineered Composite Repairs

April 2018Abdali Main Point – Abdali Mid Point, Kuwait 

A 30” Crude Oil Pipeline had suffered a through-wall defect previously. A clamp was the initial preferred method of repair, however this had failed and was actively leaking. ICR were tasked to provide a solution to repair the leaking clamp whilst the line was still live and the leak still active. 


ICR’s Technowrap™ 2K fibreglass cloth with HA resins were used. Firstly a sump was formed, with a large threaded nut placed into the centre of the cured composite cloth, and manoeuvred into place in the underside of the pipework. This was held in place with ratchet straps. Once cured, layers were applied around the threaded nut with the leak actively exiting at this point. Once the repair around the nut was fully cured, a bolt was screwed into the thread and the required number of layers applied over the bolted area of the sump to secure and seal.

Results & Benefits
  • The repair was applied live, resulting in no downtime and zero impact to production and operations